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It’s one of those mock games which actually puts our main character in greater danger than the original games! To prove it, you’ll be facing Morrigan the fighter who is part of the “Darkstalkers” fighting videogame series. Sure, you may recall her as quite curvy and barely dressed nekogirl only this time she will use a different method of dominance over her enemies in addition to fighting techniques. In addition, while her attacks are martial are a possibility to block or escape but there are other techniques that you will not even think of evading from since they are… oral and vaginal sexual sex! Morrigan’s risky nature is only revealed once she has what she wants. Play now »

Erza fucks Sakura – Fairy Tail vs Naruto Shippuden

Erza Scarlet and Sakura Haruno – two of the most sexy and worshippers' beloved anime nymphs of the last decade which non the less exist in totally different anime universes… But lets be honest – this fact has everbeen a problem for the world of manga… Play now »

Rangiku Matsumoto porn creampie

New hentai animated string out of Pinoytoons – this time it’s about Rangiku Matsumot railing beef whistle in switch roles cowgirl style! Meet Rangiku – renowned ginger-haired from anime and manga”Bleach”. Her kimono bathrobe can not conceal her forms – and in this game there’ll not be a bathrobe whatsoever. Everything that you will see is that her railing some unknown but certainly blessed stud stiffy in multiple scenes (also you will have the ability to go through them by clicking on one button that’s effortless!) . Take pleasure in the view of her massive jugs leaping up and down as she rails the pink cigar – she definitly has developed some skill in fucking as well! Quick and stiffer – until she’ll get her cootchie creampied… and even without taking pipe outside! Watch gorgeous Rangiku Matsumoto works hard tonight to find a internal ejaculation! Play now »

Makai Kishi Ingrid monster anal

If this is not yoru first day on our website then you already know that from time to time Pinoytoons brings some short but well done loops which represent some famous anime characters doing something insatiable in unceasing mode. Well, this cartoons is one of those and if you happened to understand what exactly”Makai Kishi” then you’re likely to love among its heroines called Ingrid being fucked up her tight butthole more! If you have no idea who she is then don’t worry – everything you need to understand to enjoy this animation is that she sexy and whorish ginger-haired who enjoyes assfucking orgy in positions other doggystyle. Once this animation will download it will begin automatically and since it is looped you can love this for a slong as you want to! Play now »

Yoruichi humiliation by Rangiku

Pinoytoons brings you the new look on a well-known rivalry from a world of"Bleach" – once again Yoruichi has gotten into trap organized by Matsumoto Rangiku and looks like this time she won't get out of it so easy. Unless she enjoyes being hard… Play now »

Tifa’s Part Time

This hentai-themed Pinoytoons parody will show you what Tifa Lockhart can do beyond fighting and getting into trouble. Tifa Lockhart is known as a slut brunette, as we can see in our other parodies and games. You don’t need to be surprised. Tifa will enjoy riding on your virtual cock and asking for a sexy! It sounds like a easy plan but as it is Tifa Lockhart in the lead, it will stil be exciting absolutely! And yes, you can enjoy this minigame even if you’ve heard of this well-known videogame character for the first time in your life. Play now »